Meet Jenni Keith 

Sero+ Rheumatoid Arthritis Athlete & Personal Training Coach

We give purpose to our pain, believing struggle and strife are necessary to success or lasting joy or a meaningful life, and we feel safe in a state of conflict and control. 


All successful people have coaches & trainers to keep them on track to meeting their goals. Everyone lacks motivation and direction sometimes, even those doing the coaching… but the difference is coaches know the secrets to getting up and going when things get tough, and on the days you just don’t feel like doing anything. A great coach can help you dramatically improve your results and is there to make sure you succeed.

Why Train With Jenni Keith?

I’ve been coaching & training individual clients and adult athletes for over 15 years. I have developed an expert level of sensitivity for healing injuries and chronic pain through detailed alignment corrections. My clients not only see physical benefits and performance gains, but also begin to develop the ability to focus the mind and live happier more productive lives. 

Personalized & Tailored To Your Goals

Increase Muscle & Ability to Weight Bear Properly and Without Pain

Safely Increase Flexibility & Mobility

Weight Loss / Toning

Increase Stamina

Precision Alignment For Recovery & Performance Enhancement

Yoga, Flexibility Training, Body Weight Training

I also work with a variety of athletes at all stages of their training: Specializing in Proper Muscle Recruitment & Precision Alignment For Performance Enhancement + Precision Alignment For Weight Training & Competition Preparation

Got something you want to achieve? Let’s chat and see if its a good match.

  • In Order To Succeed, You Have To Be OK With Not Being Good At Shit.

    Andy Frisella

  • In Any Given Moment, You Can Choose Again.

    Jenni Keith

  • What All Heroes Share Is A Willingness To Perceive Their Circumstances With Love

    Gabby Bernstein

Let’s Collaborate on Your Success.